We have been blessed to be involved in many diverse and exciting new home projects. Working with engaging clients whos desire is to achieve something truly unique on their special sites… is at the Core of what we do.

With careful consideration of each sites constraints and potential, ultimately allows us to design the best solution that is site specific resulting in dynamic homes that maximise their exclusive locations.

Here is a snapshot of just some of the remarkable and diverse collection of custom homes we are proud to have delivered for our memorable clients.


Blackrock House

B Villa

Moderne Villa

Atrium House

Courtyard House


Star House

Let's create...

If you have any specific design ideas or style in mind, come talk to us as and let us hear your dreams.

We have designed many differing styles and types of homes for a diverse range of clients and would be happy to show you as a starting point on our journey together for your dream home project.

Melbourne, Victoria
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